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Unlike many synthetic rubbers, EPDM gasket sheet material offers good resistance to the UV in sunlight as well as to ozone and oxygen. That makes it a firm favorite for outdoor applications like roofing and weatherstripping where other elastomers would quickly break down. It’s also very good in low temperature applications like cold room door seals, because it remains flexible to -30 °F and lower. Other applications include pond liners, belts and gaskets.


Temperature Range:  up to 300°F
Thickness:  1/32” to 1”
Tensile Strength:  780 psi / 900 psi
Width:  48” wide rolls, EPDM gasket sheet cut to your specifications

EPDM is cured during manufacture. This can be done with either sulfur or peroxide and the choice of methods influences its properties. The upper temperature limit for sulfur-cured, EPDM gasket material is 200 °F. However, peroxide-cured EPDM continues to function at temperatures as high as 300 °F. Peroxide curing also improves strength, (from around 780 to 900 psi,) and boosts chemical resistance.

In addition to good weathering properties, EPDM resists attack by hydraulic fluids, water, steam, alkalies, and ketones like acetone. Its major limitation is susceptibility to degradation by gasoline fuels and most oils.

Sulfur-cured EPDM gasket sheet is produced in thicknesses from 1/32” to 1”. For peroxide-cured material the range is 1/16” to ¼”. EPDM gasket material comes in widths of 48” rolls or EPDM gasket sheet which can be cut to your specifications. A white, food grade EPDM material is also available.

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