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Neoprene gasket material is used in a wide range of industries and for applications beyond sealing. Soft and flexible, it provides good cushioning and vibration damping as well as chemical and weather-resistance. Every Maintenance Department should have at least one neoprene gasket roll in inventory!

Neoprene, or to use it’s correct generic name, chloroprene, is a synthetic rubber with many advantages over natural rubber. These include a wider working temperature range, (-20 to 170 °F), and better resistance to UV light and ozone. As a result, it’s widely used outdoors because it will only break down very slowly.


Temperature Range:  -20°F to +170°F
Durometer:  40 – 70 Shore A
Tensile Strength:  800 – 1,000 psi
Thickness:  1/32” up to 1”
Width:  48” rolls; neoprene rubber gasket sheet cut to size

Mechanical properties include softness, reasonable strength and good compression set resistance. Putting some numbers on those, neoprene rubber gasket sheet is available in durometer values of 40 to 70 Shore A. Tensile strength is between 800 and 1,000 psi, depending on the exact grade and formulation.

In terms of chemistry, neoprene gasket material resists attack by oils, fats and greases. It’s generally water-resistant although under prolonged exposure it will start to absorb water. It also has good fire resistance and is an electrical insulator. Its major limitations are that is attacked by esters, (used in fragrances,) and ketones such as acetone. Strong acids and some hydrocarbons are also harmful.

Hennig Gasket & Seal sells black neoprene gasket material from the roll in 48” width. Thicknesses are from 1/32” up to 1”. Neoprene rubber gasket sheet will be cut to your specifications.

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